Why the move to Samsung?

First off, let me say that the ONLY reason that I even looked at other machines is that after over 30 years in the veterinary ultrasound arena, Sonosite has decided to stop manufacturing ultrasound machines for the veterinary market. They are going to do the human side only. My move had nothing to do with my previous Sonosite machines as they were all wonderful. They were reliable, amazingly easy to operate, easy to maintain and provided images that continue to be exceptionally diagnostic.
Lastly, because of Sonosite's move out of the veterinary field, my good friend and previous sales lady, Natalie Martus has moved to the human side as well.
So, with no more veterinary machines and without Natalie providing the best troubleshooting and support; I began the arduous task of researching portable machines that will do what I need.
My research took me to Samsung for a couple reasons. First, I have a good friend that sells Samsung machines and, in fact, he was formerly working for Sonosite and actually sold me my first Sonosite MicroMAXX! His name is Chuck Boland with Boland Vet Sales. Knowing Chuck from our early days, I knew that he wouldn't be working for a company that didn't meet the most critical standards and provide a great product. I contacted Chuck's new sales manager, Brett Maiden and the rest was easy! I made the decision to move to Samsung! I have had my new machine only a few days and am thoroughly enjoying it. I will add more comments as my experience with the HM70 grows. Stay in touch!